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Need Help Finding Your Subdivision Name?

Download Allen County subdivision maps by quadrant

In order to use this site's online search tool for restrictive covenants, you must know a little bit about the name of your subdivision.

Subdivision names and neighborhood association names are NOT always the same. Allen County iMap has provided the following high-resolution maps to help you find your subdivision name and (in many cases) the section you live in.

If you have trouble finding your subdivision, we recommend contacting the Allen County Auditor's Office for the legal description to your property. The Auditor's Office can be reached by telephone at 449-7241.

These maps are provided at 200 DPI resolution to make your search easier. As a result, they are large files and make take a moment to display.

Click below to download quadrant maps of Allen County subdivisions
(Maps Updated August 2011)

(These maps are provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format)

Northeast Quadrant (9.9 MB)
Northwest Quadrant (12.1 MB)
Southeast Quadrant (8.6 MB)
Southwest Quadrant (12.7 MB)