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Searching Allen County Recorder's Office Records Online

The Allen County Recorder's Office offers online access to data and documents from Jan. 1, 1970, to present.  Certain records prior to 1970 are also available online.  New documents usually appear online within 24 hours of recording. We currently offer more than 3.1 million documents online.

LAREDO: (This option is for monthly subscriptions)

Laredo is a subscription-based service that allows users to search in much the same way they would at a terminal in the Recorder's Office.  It is designed for users who require online access on a regular basis.

Laredo use is based on minutes, with packages ranging from 100 monthly minutes to unlimited use available.  Users also pay 75 cents per page for each PRINTED.  There is no per-document charge to view documents.  Subscribers must sign  Laredo contract and user name form.pdf

This is a recurring monthly package until the user cancels their subscription with 30 day notice. Laredo search parameters are the same as those by which users can search in the office.

Click here to use Laredo/download program.

TAPESTRY:(This option is for the one time search)

Tapestry is an on-demand service designed for occasional users. All documents are available from 1970 to present. Users pay $6.95 per search and $1.00 per page for each document PRINTED. Documents can be viewed at no charge.  No user agreement is required and there is no recurring expense other than search and document charges.

Tapestry users can search by name, document number back to 1970. Searching by address or PIN number may not produce any results if you are searching prior to 1995.

Click here to use Tapestry.



This service provides the ability to search and retrieve documents in the Deed Books prior to 1970 only.

The records are much harder to search, requiring users to know a fairly specific date range for the document, search an index and find the related book and page number before retrieving the document itself.

All of those tasks have been integrated into a single search screen. Searchers can select from a drop-down menu of date ranges and search by last name. Users can then enter the book and page number in the same search screen and be directed to the specific document they need. Account creation will be required to use, see site for details and prices.

Click here to use the online County Recorder Portal

Free Data Search (no images) limited information available.

Laredo, Tapestry, Recorder Portal and the Free Data Search are designed to make online searching easy, convenient and affordable for our customers.  Must enter a persons name or a business name exactly as it would appear on a document, if you are searching a persons name we suggest you search with and without the persons middle initial. If you, have questions, please contact the Allen County Recorders Office at or by phone at (260) 449-7165.

We look forward to serving you!