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What Does the Allen County Recorder Do?

Click here for Indiana Code pertaining to the duties of the County Recorder

Why is the Allen County Recorder’s Office an essential part of local government? The answer is simple: Preserving a clear and precise record of property ownership.

There are nearly 155,000 parcels of land in Allen County. Those parcels represent the single biggest investment most people will ever make – their homes and businesses. The Allen County Recorder’s primary function is to maintain permanent public records of the transactions that convey property from one owner to the next.

Records maintained by the Allen County Recorder also document any outside interests that have a stake in a parcel of property, such as the mortgage held by a bank or the lien held by a company, government agency or neighborhood association. When a lien has been resolved, the Recorder’s Office also receives documents releasing the lien.

These records provide the legal foundation for the institution of private property ownership. Generally, all of these instruments are recorded either for giving legal public notice of their existence or for safekeeping and future reference.

The Allen County Recorder is responsible for receiving and processing thousands of documents a year, a collection dating back to 1824. Some of the most important documents in addition to property deeds, mortgages and liens, the Recorder’s Office hold neighborhood covenants, military discharge records and business name filings.

With the exception of veterans’ military discharge records (which, by Indiana statute, are open only to the veteran or his/her next of kin), ALL records held by the Allen County Recorder are public records and thus open to inspection without restriction. Copies of most Recorder’s Office documents cost $1 per page. Copies of military discharge documents are available to the veteran or next-of-kin free of charge.

In addition to making available paper copies of documents, the Allen County Recorder’s Office offers approximately 3.2 million documents online. We also receive nearly 81% of incoming documents via paperless e-recording.

Currently, Allen County’s is the only Recorder’s Office in Indiana to be completely self-funded, operating solely on a portion of the user fees collected and without property tax dollars.