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Miscellaneous Books and Indexes are now in Laredo

August 20, 2019

Miscellaneous Books and Indexes are now available in Laredo.

We will not be indexing these books at this time; therefore we also imported the Miscellaneous Book Indexes.

Below are a few examples of the formula you would follow to find what you are look for.

I Need                                   HOW TO SEARCH

To Search the Misc Book                    in the Party Name Field Enter

Indexes for John Smith                    Letter S” in the Search Group Field

                                                              Find the “Misc Book Index” Click


Misc Book 71 Page 25                      in the document number field enter MS71-P025

Or in the beginning document number field enter MS71, and in the ending document number field enter MS72. this way will bring up all pages for that book.


Misc Book 1 Page 1                          MS1-P001 in document number field

Or MSA in beginning, MSB in ending.

Anita Mather

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